“College Cannot Impose Moral Paternalism on Students”, Kerala HC Quashes College’s Decision to Expel Students For Love Affair

news1The love affair and eloping termed as immoral amounting to a breach of discipline was based on the moral values of the persons in the management. It is a sin for some and not a sin for others. In law, it is the choice of freedom which is the essence of liberty, stated Justice Mustaque in the judgment.
In a significant judgment, the High Court of Kerala quashed the decision of a college to expel two students for their love affair and subsequent elopement. The students, who were majors, got married in the due course. One of them wanted to resume studies, and the other sought release of academic records retained by the college. The college had expelled them finding their acts amounting to “gross discipline”. When their demands were unmet by the college, they approached the High Court by Filing writ petitions.

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